Sarah M. Young, Photographer

Subject Matter:  Architecture, Interior Design, Land Development/Construction/Industrial, Children & Families, Landscapes, Abstract Objects


When I was sixteen, I borrowed my father's SLR camera.

Previously, I made images the "old fashioned" way – pastel, charcoal, ink, paint.  Instead of hours at an easel/desk, photography allowed me to capture and preserve what I see with a shutter click.

Fourteen years (a psychology degree, and leaps in technology) later, I attended New England School of Photography in Boston and received a degree in Professional Photography.

I will shoot anything, anywhere.

Professionally, I possess a reputation for my diligence, enthusiasm, pride in my work, and for well-seen images and well-produced results.  Creatively, I possess a strong sense of line & shape and light & shadow, a keen eye for details and creative perspectives, and an honest vision of real moments.

Born in the country (rural PA) and raised near the city (Boston), I recently relocated to Central Pennsylvania.

*Willing to travel. Able to shoot whatever you need.*